About Us

Growth by multiPlying the number of clients and solutions to drive expansion

we're multiplooy

Growth by multiPlying the number of clients and solutions to drive expansion.

We are a Dublin based cloud-hosted software and services company, our leadership team has decades of experience working with companies and governments, implementing technology that is scalable, agile and affordable.  Our core business is to sell and support the right third party software.  Our business strategy is focused on Growth that provides increased value for everyone. 

By increasing the number of customers we create leverage and by increasing the number of solutions we create value to our customers.  By listening to the needs of our customers, then providing our customers with targeted solutions from a list of diverse products to choose from; these new business lines will create recurring value for both our customers and ourselves.

Our business growth strategy and success hinge on our people and partners. We have a highly skilled team with decades of experience implementing and dePloying Software for large organizations such as financial services and governments. We will continue to ensure that we hire the highest quality of people from across the world. We ensure that we have experienced partners with proven track records for providing quality products. 

Our global search for the right partners is ongoing and key to ensuring increased value to our customers.

Principles of Management

Our purpose, direction and driving forces


To be the leading European cloud solution provider with global reach to world-class solutions.


Meeting Customer needs by bring to market Global Technology Solutions and forging Strategic Partnerships


Honesty, Trust, Innovation, Teamwork, Simplicity

About its founder:

Hendrik B. duPlooy is the company’s founder, he holds a master’s degree in business and has over 30 years’ experience in Technology Leadership. With a background in software development, he has held various leadership positions, including; VP and CIO positions for large banks, Director and CEO positions for a number of Technology and Investment companies and founded a number of start-up’s.