Construction Industry cloud-based data platform


multiPlooy Limited in partnership with The Data Company, who have developed a Construction Industry cloud-based data platform to rapidly exploit data in managing several industry challenges. These challenges are attributed to a large percentage of the workforce being deployed at remote building sites, across vast geographies, that are at times far removed from the Engineering, Project Management & Procurement functions in the Corporate HQ’s. This disconnect attributes to the organisations ability to ingest “real time” information into the numerous corporate systems.  Time delays and manual interventions are a common theme in gathering necessary data for the purposes of supporting effective cost control and accountability initiatives.

The Multiplooy platform would help improve on several remote based working challenges, for example:

  1. Automating Time-sheet information to improve the accountability of resources on projects thereby avoiding overrun relative to the defined project budgets.
  2. Capturing certificates in real-time of  individual Training Matrix Information to ensure individuals re
  3. porting to sites have the correct credentials & are compliant with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).
  4. Monitoring weather data to assist in predicting the likelihood of Health and Safety Incidents from occurring, i.e. would you put crane operator into service during potential high winds?
  5. Using “real-time” weather information in determining the optimal time for pouring concrete, where hot or cold temperature conditions could affect the strength & quality of concrete.
  6. Procuring of products & services to match the timing of project schedules & ensuring the key resources are available on site to deploy dispatched products and/or services in timely manner.

The above represents a sample of the components configured in the platform and provides the capability to ingest data from across your various internal operational systems, as well as external data “on the fly” to contribute to a compelling cost control and accountability solution.  Working with your team, multiPlooy can expand this platform to deliver similar operational benefits.