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Our Customers

Targeted Solutions

We welcome any company that has a requirement for our solutions or services to contact us.  Our 2020/21 sales and product development focus is targeting governments and the Financial Services industry. 

Financial services

We have a number of solutions for the pensions, insurance and Banking industries.  For the insurance industry, we have an affordable core insurance system, we can provide additional modern tools for; digitally signing documents, tools that can track third party risk, such as supplier, agent and broker risk.  

Not only do we have the modern technology and services to support the industry;  we also have the tools and systems to help migrate the legacy data you have on your old systems into the new solution/s.  

One problem facing financial services is that excessive regulation makes it difficult for companies to track and mitigate risks. In this regard, we have the right tools and systems for; Banks, Lenders, Pensions and Insurance companies. 



With shoe string budgets, many government departments are required to perform as if they are leading edge profitable companies, well this is at least the level of performance expected by the public.  The cost and resources required to ensure that governments are compliant with all regulations is high. 

Governments need to ensure that the public’s money is well spent on capital projects and maintaining assets. 

We offer a cost effective way to ensure adherence to regulation and directives.

Other Sectors

Should you be interested in any of our products or services please contact us.