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Products and Solutions

We are working hard on expanding our line of Products and Solutions, if you have any questions regarding our current list, please feel free to contact us

Deltek Acumen

A Quality Plan Makes a Great Project

Create quality schedules and execute them with consistent success and minimal risk. Automate the schedule submission process while adhering to your best practices.


infoFINIUM is our modern composable application development platform which helps organisations to respond to changing business needs by delivering new applications and services in just a few months.

The Data Company uses a combination of composable data and business applications, supported by our fusionFINIUM delivery approach involving a team of knowledgeable and experienced business and IT professionals to rapidly deliver new solutions to business challenges, in weeks.



dataFINIUM is a data platform that brings all of your multi-structured data together, curates and enriches it for both transactional and analytical applications, securely and at scale. dataFinium enables organisations to spend less time gathering, cleaning and correlating data and more time visualising and analysing it.

DataWalk - Procurement Fraud

By simplifying data preparation, connecting all your data in a single repository, and providing flexible, powerful rules and scoring mechanisms, DataWalk uniquely provides breakthrough levels of analytic agility. DataWalk helps enable procurement fraud detection, and also helps accelerate procurement fraud investigation.

DataWalk - Law Enforcement

DataWalk is a multi-user software platform that enables analysts and investigators to dramatically accelerate the generation and sharing of intelligence results. DataWalk is a simpler and far more economical solution than Palantir Gotham and IBM i2 EIA. 

Analysts –Enable analysts to dramatically increase both efficiency and time-to-results, by having all data and analysis tools in a single repository, and by seamlessly, securely sharing intelligence data.

Investigators – Provide investigators self-service access to the data they need in order to drive investigations forward.

Patrol Officers – Provide patrol with self-service access to the information they need, where and when they need it, to make better decisions and to maximize officer safety.

Commanders – Enable command staff to instantly get answers with up-to-date data, with a single click.

DataWalk - Intelligence Analysis

Today’s enemies of the State are more intelligent, distributed, and adaptable than ever before. New ideals are challenging our sovereignty, and rapid technical advancements are straining available infrastructure, resources, and capabilities to keep pace with emerging threats. Managing the complexities related to the scale of data collected by intelligence agencies remains a significant undertaking and requires a fundamental shift in traditional methods and techniques. Intelligence operations can no longer afford the time, cost, risk, and uncertainties required to develop one-off, proprietary systems to address these challenges. Intelligence analysis has never been more important.

DataWalk Fraud Detection, Triage and Investigation

Identify more suspicious claims. Reduce false positives down to 10% or less, such that you can consider eliminating the triage process.

Easily create and tune your own rules and scores. Leverage ML, AI, and other advanced technologies to empower claims teams and Special Investigation Units (SIU) to stop more fraudsters faster.

This fraud analytics software enables you to have a single interface where all of your data is visible, connected, and available for analysis. This includes data you may have from your claims system(s), CRM, other internal sources, external subscription services, OSINT sources such as social media*, and services such as NICB or ISO. DataWalk is based on a Big Data architecture which can easily handle many billions of records, so you don’t need to worry about running out of capacity even if you have vast amounts of data.

DataWalk - Bank Fraud

DataWalk complements the alerting and case management systems you may already have, enabling you to import data from these and other systems into a private, integrated repository for analysis. DataWalk automatically finds connections and enables sophisticated analyses via a simple, visual interface. There’s no need to hunt for data across multiple systems, painstakingly pore through tables of data, or rely on SQL queries to see the data you want

DataWalk - Anti-Money Laundering

DataWalk’s next generation end-to-end analytics solution combines expert rules, Machine Learning and investigative capabilities to quickly and efficiently identify and investigate money laundering schemes, and high risk transactions, entities and events.   

DataWalk enables you to have a single interface where all of your data is visible, connected, consistent and available for analysis. DataWalk is based on a Big Data architecture which can easily handle many billions of records, including SARs/STRs, CTRs, sanctions lists, local business and individual registries, transaction systems, publicly available records such as social media, and many more. This gives analysts and investigators a holistic view of companies, accounts, and transactions – across both traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies – in one place.

Cloud Contact Center Software

The AVOXI Genius cloud contact center is your effective, affordable, and easy-to-use virtual call center software. Easily manage your business communications from an intuitive, web-based contact center.  Contact us to test 2020’s top call center software solution.

Premium vanity phone numbers for your business

A VoIP phone number is a virtual business number that allows you to forward calls to any device worldwide. Virtual number service reduces call costs for companies and customers alike. Toll free and local virtual phone numbers for business include 20+ business features like automatic call routing, IVR, call conferencing, custom caller ID and more at no additional cost. There are no minimum contracts or cancellation fees. 

Cloud IVR, or Interactive Voice Response System

Create as many IVR branches as your call flow requires. You can set up call routing to other IVR numbers, call groups, call queues, user extensions, voicemail or your own customer service broadcasts.  Start customizing your virtual attendant menus in just a few minutes when you set up any VoIP phone line from the online shopping cart. With local and toll free IVR phone numbers available in 160+ countries, nobody offers the global coverage that the AVOXI platform does. 

CATO Cloud

The Cato Cloud is a converged platform to connect, secure and manage your network. You can gradually deploy Cato across branches, cloud resources, and users to replace or augment legacy network services and security point solutions.

Global Private Backbone

Cato Cloud runs on a private global backbone of 45+ PoPs connected via multiple SLA-backed network providers. The PoPs software continuously monitors the providers for latency, packet loss, and jitter to determine, in real-time, the best route for every packet.

Cato’s backbone design delivers end-to-end route optimization for WAN and cloud traffic, and a self-healing architecture for maximum service uptime. Our customers experience connectivity that is superior to the unpredictable public Internet and more affordable than global MPLS and other legacy backbones.


The Cato Socket SD-WAN device connects a physical location to the nearest Cato PoP via one or more last mile connections. Customers can choose any mix of fiber, cable, xDSL, and 4G/LTE connections.

The Socket applies multiple traffic management capabilities such as active-active link usage, application- and user-aware QoS prioritization, dynamic path selection to work around link blackouts and brownouts, and packet duplication to overcome packet loss.

The Socket can also route site-to-site traffic over MPLS and the Internet to address regional and application-specific requirements.

Security as a Service

Cato uses a full enterprise-grade network security stack natively built into the Cato Cloud to inspect all WAN and Internet traffic.

Security layers include an application-aware next-generation firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), secure web gateway with URL filtering (SWG), standard and next-generation anti-malware (NGAV), and a managed IPS-as-a-Service (IPS). Cato can further secure your network with a comprehensive Managed Threat Detection and Response (MDR) service to detect compromised endpoints.

All layers scale to decrypt and inspect all customer traffic, without the need for sizing, patching, or upgrading of appliances and other point solutions. Security policies and events are managed using the self-service Cato Management Application.

Cloud Datacenter Integration

Cato integrates with major cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud with secure IPSec tunnels. By using its global backbone to optimally route traffic from the edge to the cloud providers, Cato eliminates the need for premium cloud connectivity solutions such as AWS DirectConnect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.

The integration is agentless and connecting a cloud datacenter to Cato takes minutes. There is no need to deploy or pay for cloud server instances. Lastly, all traffic is subject to full security inspection with Cato’s built-in security stack.

Cloud Application Acceleration

Cato optimally routes public cloud application traffic, such as Office 365, UCaaS, and Cloud ERP from the edge and to the doorstep of the cloud application’s datacenter. Cato’s built-in cloud acceleration maximizes end-to-end throughput up to 20x, boosting application performance for bandwidth-intensive operations like file upload and download.

All traffic and files exchanged with the cloud application are fully inspected by Cato security stack to protect end users from malicious files and network-based attacks.

Secure Remote Access

Cato Cloud delivers the full range of network and security capabilities to protect remote users with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Using a Cato Client or clientless browser access (SDP), users connect to the nearest Cato PoP. Remote users’ traffic is optimally routed over the Cato backbone to on-premises or cloud applications.

Remote users’ traffic is fully inspected by Cato’s security stack, ensuring enterprise-grade protection to users everywhere. Compromising on security or forcing a painful backhaul into a datacenter firewall is no longer a trade-off you need to make.

CATO Management Application

Cato provides a cloud-based and self-service management application to control the entire service. It includes full network and security policy configuration, and detailed analytics on network traffic and security events. To experience the ease of use and deep visibility of Cato Management Application, please request a demo.

Self-service management is a unique advantage of Cato over legacy managed network services providers that require customers to submit tickets for any change to the network. If needed, Cato and its partners offer managed service options. In all cases, Cato maintains the underlying platform so customers do not need to upgrade, patch, or otherwise maintain the Cato Cloud.

CloudCover Insurance Software

JMR’s web-based insurance administration system that caters for life and short-term insurance, both for commercial and personal lines, as well as re-insurance. This all-encompassing solution introduces high levels of automation and manages your policies from initial inception right through to claims and / or cancellation, including all the administrative, regulatory and financial aspects in between.

BITSHIFT Data Migration

JMR Software’s Data Migration Solution.  Today, data is a key strategic asset for any company, but even more so in the financial services industry. Yet, in order to migrate your data successfully and minimize your risk you need a solid, proven approach.

eezi-Sign Digital Signatures

With JMR’s Eezi-Sign is 100% web based digital signature solution, which does not require scanning software, electronic signature pads or digital certificates. All you need is a browser, cell phone and an internet connection.

digital signature


With Phinity’s Expedient you can have a central record of each project, the history, evidence and the risk rating of each milestone step completed, ensuring a continuous view of the current deliverable, the assigned user and identified risks is an essential tool in any business. 


Phinity’s Procensus automates all your manual profiling and assessments, dramatically reducing effort and improving business resilience. Features include processes and applications register, workflows for risk profiling and assessments, and real-time reporting via a user-friendly dashboard


Phintity’s Resilience offers a central record of identified risks is an essential tool in any business, providing a continuous view of risks and vulnerabilities. This log or register should define the probability and severity of identified risks, along with the parties required to act in their remediation, transfer or mitigation


Phinity’s Triplicity is a powerful cloud solution, you can easily automate your third party risk management. Our Third Party Risk Manager helps ensure that your company’s risks are fully understood and well managed, applying a risk-based approach to your third-party vendors.


ISMS Automation

Provided by Phinity Risk, their Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a set of policies and procedures for managing an organisation’s inventory of information assets. Security breaches are becoming more common and more costly by the day.

Privacy Risk Management

Supplied by Phinity Risk.  Collecting information isn’t as simple as it used to be, and organisations need to adhere to legislation concerning information privacy. The most pertinent is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which safeguards personal information and holds organisations accountable for the security of information in their care.

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Third Party Risk Management

Supplied by Phinity Risk. Third party risk management is the process of continuously monitoring, evaluating and reporting on all your third parties and their potential risk to your organisation. Managing the risks a single third party could present is challenging enough, but what happens when you have tens or even hundreds working for you? Continuously assessing them is very costly and time-consuming, to say the least.

Vendor Governance

Supplied by Phinity Risk. Vendor governance is the process that enables your organisation to get more value from your vendors by trackable artefacts that align to policy and procedure.


No, we sell and support third party software. Our business model is to find the best products and partner with great companies that are experts in those solutions. We endeavour to build a diverse list of products. 

Yes we do, we offer a first line local support, Where possible we resolve issues or service any requests locally.  For complex problems or requests, we refer to our partners. 

The majority of our solutions run in the cloud.  We make use of Amazon Web Services, hosted in Ireland and other locations. 

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