Data Migration as a Service

Today, data is a key strategic asset for any company, but even more so in the financial services industry. Yet, in order to migrate your data successfully and minimize your risk you need a solid, proven approach.

We have a 100% success rate of delivering on time and fixed price basis.

BITSHIFT is a unique and fully managed Data Migration as a Service offering from JMR Software based on over 30 years’ experience. Our proven 5 step approach will eliminate your data migration risk, reduce costs and allow you to focus your internal technical resources on value added activities. A combination of onshore and offshore delivery means that we offer attractive commercial terms and deliver projects on a fixed price, fixed time basis.

Unique data migration application

Our service has been developed over many years and is founded on highly successful and complex data migration projects for UK insurance companies such as LV= and Wesleyan. Not only do we have the tools, methodology and expertise, but we also have a unique data migration application that along with our proven approach guarantees success in data migration projects.

5 step data migration process

Our solution is technology agnostic and each data migration project goes through a proven 5 step process that:
  • provides high levels of automation
  • is fully auditable to the lowest level of detail
  • has unique elements such as obfuscations that protects your customer data
  • delivers a reconciliation process, with a high-level of detail, at every stage
  • produce highly detailed and bespoke reports on your data
Rapid digitalisation and ongoing legislative requirements drive a greater need for data migration and consolidation to recognise commercial and customer benefits.

If you need 100% data migration success for your project, but don’t have enough resource, skills or have any concerns get in touch now to find out how our Data Migration as a Service offering BITSHIFT can help you.
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