CloudCover Insurance Software

Digital capability, transforming the future of insurance, JMR Software is continuing to use our industry knowledge and skills to develop a library of digitally enabled insurance applications that can be rapidly deployed to deliver a fast return on investment.

CloudCover Insurance Administration

A web-based insurance administration system that caters for life and short-term insurance, both for commercial and personal lines, as well as re-insurance. This all-encompassing solution introduces high levels of automation and manages your policies from initial inception right through to claims and / or cancellation, including all the administrative, regulatory and financial aspects in between.

CloudCover Complaints Management

A web-based system which can be rapidly deployed that is designed to streamline complaints operations and help agents / managers to deal speedily and effectively with dissatisfied clients.
  • Streamline complaint operations
  • High visibility
  • Management made easy

Insurance Verification

Verifying assets to be insured or insurance claims. Reduces the time, cost and risk of fraud for insurers by enabling visual information and a real time view of an asset.

Assessment Management

Developed to meet the needs of assessors in the insurance industry. Fully automated and aids the vehicle assessors in the rapid assessment of damage on a claim and with information flow back to the insurance company.

Claims Fulfilment

Provides insurers service providers with a comprehensive claims management system via a web portal.
  • Request for quotes are automated
  • Invoices are automated
  • Insurer, broker and client receive automated notifications
  • Real time stock management
  • Team scheduling and tracking, showing current job status
  • Digital imaging of damages
  • Real time management information

Rapid implementation

Our Cloud based applications can be implemented into a live environment in a significantly reduced time frame. In a world where time is money, we can help you to significantly reduce development times and dramatically reduce your costs.
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