ISMS Automation

An information security management system (ISMS) is a set of policies and procedures for managing an organisation’s inventory of information assets. Security breaches are becoming more common and more costly by the day.


ISO 27001 certification is the benchmark standard that organisations use to determine the maturity of their information security programme. Although there are no laws requiring an organisation to implement an ISMS, it’s nonetheless required to achieve the ISO 27001 standard.

It also gives you a competitive advantage over organisations that don’t employ these standards, since it demonstrates that security is paramount to you and your clients.

Adopting an ISMS presents several operational and resourcing challenges. For starters, new policies, standards and processes must be adopted to measure your current state of compliance.

The second major challenge lies in implementing the ISMS as a scalable and repeatable exercise. Since they’re usually implemented as one-off projects, they tend to decay over time.

The third challenge is to provide measurability for the security controls implemented, to convince the board that all efforts are both effective and cost-effective.

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